The cooling and heating of an expensive industrial machine should only use pure water or steam. As the use of non-pure water and steam will lead to dreg and rusting in the industrial machines. This will increase your maintenance cost to super expensive.

These are some of the examples that could use our product. Industrial printer, Plastic injection moulding machine, Hydraulic oil cooling system, Cold rolling machines, Air Compressor cooling system, medical apparatus, induction transformer, large power transformer, reactor, metal rolling machine, Laser cutting machine, Reactors, large engine, machine Generators, fermenters, mixing tanks, stirring tanks and all other that require pure water for their cooling/heating unit.

Rano Tech Closed-Loop Cooling Skid is designed by Plate Heat Exchanger that has the supreme efficiency for either cooling or heating. It is used as the medium of the system. The system includes with Recirculation pump, High-Grade Filter, Heat and Cold insulation as specifications from customers, Control panel, and is made from Stainless Steel that is strong and modern.

We customised every customer’s specification to ensure the highest quality and durability for each work you needed.

The machine is cleanable. 

Rano Tech also offers repair services with a professional team. Therefore you can make sure that there will be less maintenance time but an increase in production time and profit guarantee!